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SubScript with Water


In any Office program you may need to type in a chemical formula. You will need to know how to make a letter a SubScript. 
To make a SubScript

1. Type in H2O  That is a capital letter H, the number 2 and a capital letter O.

2. Highlight the 2.

3. Click on the HOME tab of the ribbon.

4. In the Font section of that tab, click on the Subscript icon.

5. Water now looks correct, as shown below.

Someone a long time ago, before personal computers, came up with a way to remember the difference between SuperScript and SubScript. 

SubScript is below like Submarine and submerge. Below. 
SuperScript is like Superman who jumps over tall buildings - who goes up into the sky. 
I wish I had created that but I didn't. I just heard it years ago before personal computers. I do not know who came up with this. Sorry, no source. 

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