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Support Staff Conference February 2018

Three sessions I presented at CARC's Support Staff Conference in Feb 2018
  • Excel
  • Publisher
  • Makerspace

Please contact me if you are interesting in me presenting Excel, Publisher or Makerspace at your conference.

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Google Doodle Hour of Code week

If you missed the Google Doodle Hour of Code click on the link below.
Learn some coding and have some fun.

Press the > button in the middle to get started.

JavaScript course for Google macros

Creating a "macro" in Google Sheets is done by programming with javascript.

JavaScript course.
Beginning Level
Approximately 10 hours course time

Make your own Green Screen

Make your own green screen for videos. Instructions on this link.

The link below shows you how to make an inexpensive green screen. It can be small if needed for creating stop-motion videos with lego or other small items/characters.

Hour of Code: Interactive Christmas holiday card

Create a holiday card using Scratch.

Check out the following link.
If you and/or your class make a card, please take a screenshot and post down below. I would love to see them. I will post mine when I am done mine!

This is the one on their website.

Google Doodles

Do you like the Google Doodles that appear to celebrate someone's life, a holiday, and invention, book or cartoon or tv show?

You can learn how to make your own.

This page shows you how to create your own using Scratch. This is part of the Hour of Code this year!

If you or your class design one, I would love to see them below or on my facebook page.

Below are a few of my favourites.