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Learn SuperScript with the Degree Symbol

A student in a recent class asked me how to insert a Degree Sign. I told him I had two ways to do it.
One was the Insert Symbol [click to go to that post] and the other is to use SuperScript.
This post is using SuperScript.

If it is 25 degrees outside then we would like to put the little o [degree symbol] after the number. Or if you are an engineer, you use degrees symbols all the time.

1. Type in 25oC
    That is the number 25 followed by a lower case letter o.and a capital C as illustrated below.

2. Highlight the letter o.

3. Click on the HOME tab.

4. In the Font section, click on the SuperScript symbol shown below.

   Your text now looks like the following:

Side Note:
This is what it looks like when you use the degree symbol from the Insert Symbol command.
Which one do you like better?

Someone a long time ago, before personal computers, came up with a way to remember the difference between SuperScript and SubScript. 
SubScript is below like Submarine and submerge. Below.
SuperScript is like Superman who jumps over tall buildings - who goes up into the sky. 
I wish I had created that but I didn't. I just heard it years ago before personal computers. I do not know who came up with this. Sorry, no source. 

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