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O is for Online Pictures

O is for Online pictures

Online pictures used to be ClipArt. The ClipArt was not business like. Very cheap and not well done. Microsoft has improved these and combined them with Online Pictures.

To insert a picture into a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Outlook.
Please note the Copyright notes at the bottom.

1. Click where you want the picture to appear within your document.

2. Click the INSERT tab.

3. Click Online Pictures in the Illustrations section of the INSERT tab.

The following window appears

4. Click inside the Search Bing box.

5. Type in the picture topic you would like it to search for.

The following window appears.

I typed in Keyboards and hit ENTER.

6. Click on the picture you would like to insert into your document.

7. Click on the INSERT command button in the bottom right corner of the window.

The picture is now inserted into your document.

Another post will be created with instructions on how to format the picture.

Copyright Notes
Always give credit to the website and/or person who you go the picture from.

BIG caution. If the picture has a watermark it has a copyright. Do not use it. You are telling everyone you have stolen that picture!!
Go to the web page and get permission or pay to download the picture without the watermark.

Watermarks are those words/pictures that are grey and are in the background of a picture.

Whenever selecting a picture, go to the web page. It will indicate if there is a copyright and/or a payment necessary before using. Sometimes a page will ask that you include a link to the page as necessary to use.

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