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N is for New Comment

N is for New Comment in Excel

Examples of use:

a. You need to remember to check on a value, or do something in the document. Adding a comment is like putting a sticky note in that cell.

b. If you are creating a document with someone else or for someone else and they want to make comments about the document; items that they want you to change.

c. If you create a document and someone else is editing it. This gives them a way to make comments inside the document.

Note: Comments do not print.

1. Click in the cell you want the comment attached to.

2. Click on New Comment.

The following comment box appears with a red doggie ear triangle in the top right-hand corner of the cell you are in. Red doggie ears do not print.

The cursor is blinking inside the Comment box. Type in your message as shown below.

3. When you are done typing in the comment, click in another cell.

When you click in another cell, the cell with the comment in it looks like the following.

4. Save the document to save the comment.

Show Comment

Move your mouse over the cell and the message appears. It disappears when you move the mouse away from the cell.

Problem: You can't click inside the comment box to edit the contains.

Edit Comment

1. Click on the cell with the comment.

2. Click on Edit in the Comments section.

3. Make the changes to the comment.

4. Click in another cell.

5. Save the document to save the comment.

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