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P is for Pictures Google

Insert a picture into a Google Document

Documents are more exciting with a picture.
Many documents need pictures or diagrams to enhance the information.
A logo at the top of documents is important.

1. Position cursor where you want the picture to appear within the document.

2. Click on Insert from the menu.

3, Click on Image.
    The following window appears.
4. Drag a photo from Windows/File Explorer into this box to upload the image. 
    This is cool!! and so easy. Save time by not having to go find the file through here. 

As you drag a file into this area, dashes appear around the box and a small image of the file appears with the +Copy title.

Or the longer way:

4. Click on Choose an image to upload.

5. In the Open window, select the folder and click on the file. 

6. Click on Open.

Another blog post will train on how to format the picture in the document.

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