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K is for Keyboard

K is for Keyboard


Your keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard. It gets its name from the six letters starting in the top right-hand corner of the keyboard. Q is just to the right of the Tab key. To find the rest of the word go towards the middle of the keyboard. 

Have you ever wondered why the letters are organized the way they are? Why aren't they in alphabetical order?

When we had manual typewriters, each time a key was typed an arm went to the paper and struck the paper. When people became fast on the typewriter the arms got stuck together and jammed. To prevent the jamming, they reorganized the keys into the order we know today. 

Once we went to computers, there were too many people who knew this keyboard that they left it. Even your phones have this keyboard.

French letters instead of English

Have you ever been typing and all of a sudden instead of the key you pressed such as a ' or " or ? is some accented letter or symbol?
That is because your keyboard has just switched to French or another language.

Switch Back
To switch it back to English:

1. Hold down the Shift Key

2. With the shift key down click on the CTRL key.

3. Test it out. Type in the key that wasn't working.

If it doesn't fix the problem, do the steps again,

This seems strange because usually you hold down the CTRL key and hit a letter or the Shift key and hit a letter but this combination will change it.

This may have been the keys you used to switch it to another language in the first place by accident.

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