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J is for Justify

Justify, in word processing, defines the alignment of text along the right and left borders.

Justifications are located in the paragraph section of the Home tab

The default alignment is Left. The figure above shows the left alignment selected.
That means all the text aligns up on the left nice and straight, as in the first paragraph shown below.

Notice how the text int he second paragraph aligns straight on both the right and the left side ofthe paragraph. This is called Justify. Both sides are straight.

This is used in newspapers and magazines mostly. Some companies do like this in their documents and letters as well.

Psychologists say that with these paragraphs are mind wonders. With the extra white spaces between the words are minds tend to have time to think of other items. Sounds like a nice excuse!

To justify a paragraph

1. Click anywhere inside the paragraph you want to be justified.
    or select the paragraphs you want to justify.

2. Click justify in the paragraph section of the Home tab. It becomes blue as illustrated below.

Those paragraphs are now justified with both the right and the left sides [borders] liined up.

Right Justify

Right justify aligns all the text on the right hand margin instead of the left.

To align on the right:

1. Click inside the paragraph you want to change. 
    or select the paragraphs you want to change. 

2. On the Home tab, click Right Align in the paragraph section, in blue below. 

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