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F: Font color

F is for Font Color.

This post gives the instructions on how to change the color of the text.
These instructions work in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote and Outlook. 

1. Select the text you want to change the Font color.

2. Click the Home tab on the ribbon.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the Font section is an A with a red line under it.

3. Click on the A. The selected text is now red.

We usually don't like red in company forms because it reminds us of negative numbers or debt.

5. To change the color, Click on the drop down arrow beside the A.

The following drop down menu appears.

Live Formatting
Move your mouse over the different colours without clicking. Watch the selected text. As you move over the different colours the text changes to that colour. It is called Live formatting. We get to see what the text will look like without having to select a colour. This saves time because I don't have to keep coming back into this menu to try different colours.

6. Click on a colour.  The text is now displayed in the color you choose.

Theme Colors / Standard Colors
The first section is called Theme colors. These colors are based on the Theme selected.
This is the default theme colors. If you change the theme, these colors will change.

The second section is Standard Colors. These are always the same. They do not change when the theme is changed. We cannot change these.

More Colors
If you do not like any of the colors listed:

1. Click on More Colors...
The following window appears.

Another palette of colours appear. as shown above.

2. Click on a color.

New Color
We are now in a dialog box and live formatting does not work.
In the bottom right-hand corner, it shows the color of the text selected is now in the Current area, and once you select another color the top half, under the word New changes.
This allows you to compare the two colors.

In the figure below I selected a purple from the Standard palette on the left. The new color [purple] is shown over the old color [black].

If you are like Van Gough and need more color choices, Microsoft has accommodated us with a huge palette that even Van Gough would be happy with.

3. Click on a color on the left.

4. Click on OK.

If you know the RGB color code, then you may type in the numbers on the left to get the wanted color.

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