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E: Email from Word

E is for Email directly from Word/Excel/PowerPoint

This is a fairly new option. Before, if you wanted to email someone a Word file, you would have to open an Outlook message and then add an attachment. To add the attachment you would have to go find the file to add.

Below are the steps for Word but they are almost identical for Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher.


These steps make it easier and faster to email a document to someone.

Note: you need to have Outlook for this to work. This does not work with any other email program.

1. Open the file and ensure that it is saved.

2. Click on the File tab. You are now in backstage mode with the File menu on the left.

3. Click on Share for the File menu.

4. Click on Email on the right under Share as shown below

5. Click on the Send as Attachment box.

Outlook is opened. It opens a new email window with the file you are in already attached!
the Subject line is also filled in with the name of the file as shown below.

6. Fill in the email information on who to send it to. Add a message.

7. Click Send.

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