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A: AutoCorrect in Microsoft Office

A is for AutoCorrect

Learn how to use AutoCorrect to help you with your work rather than cursing AutoCorrect on your phone. #NoTears

Have you ever seen someone type "teh" in Word and as soon as they hit the Spacebar it corrects the spelling mistake to "the" This is done by AutoCorrect.

I want to show you how AutoCorrect can be your friend and even spare you hours of time a week because you will not have to type your name or your company name but just their initials. Think of other's names or other words you type all the time.

The instructions below are for Publisher. At the bottom of this blog are links to the instructions for Word, Excel and Mac Word. They are all very similar.

1. Click on the File tab.

You are now in backstage mode.
The File menu appears on the left. The right side changes based on what you select on the left.

Below the Info menu item is selected and the right side has the options for Info.

2. Click on Options [the last item on the list].
The following screen appears.

3. Click on Proofing from the menu on the left.

4. Click on AutoCorrect Options [on the right].

The following screen appears.

I type in Computare Citus often. I want to make AutoCorrect do the work for me.

5. On the left column, my cursor is blinking, under the Replace column.
6. Type in cc in lower case.
7. Click on the tab.
8. Your cursor is now in the With column.
    Type in the name of the company as you would want it to appear: Computare Citus.

9. Click on Add.

10. Click on OK.

11. Click on OK for the Options menu.
      In a text box:

12. Type in cc.

13. Press the4 space bar.
      cc changes into Computer Citus.

Try it with your initials and your name,
Try it with your company name.

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  1. I can see how your series can be a very helpful reference. Good to have it in your history of posts.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thank you.
      I have followed you on Twitter. I like your music blog!
      @liannekruger from Computare Citus

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