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B: Page Breaks in Word

B is for Breaks  #NoTears
In Word, I have seen people hit the Enter key until a new page is created to get text onto the next page, start a new chapter in a book or a new section in a report. 

The problem is when you change the lines above. The top of the page is no longer in the correct location. This means every time you make a change above you have to go back and change where the top of the page is by deleting or adding lines. This causes frustrations and tears!
Adding a page break means that no matter what happens above the top of the page will stay at that point.

By following these instructions you will have #NoTears

A quick, easy and correct way to create a page break

1. Place your cursor on the line you would like to be the top of the next page. 
    [Where the page break should be.]
2.   While holding down the CTRL key hit the ENTER key.  
3.   A new page is created and your cursor is at the top of the page.

     Shortcut key:  CTRL/ENTER

Long way

1. Click on PAGE LAYOUT tab.
2.  Click Breaks.
3.  Click Page.


  1. Whoa! That's such a useful tip. I am definitely going to come back for more.
    Having acquired Masters in Computer Science and Engineering and working in the IT for 5 years, I'm still unaware such hacks! High time I read them! Thanks again :) Happy AtoZ! :)

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  2. Thanks so much!
    My husband is from Holland. We love Curry. I am going to make your Butter Chicken.

  3. Great useful tips. Id love to have access to your know-how all the time. Will be back.

    I'm A to Zing in April from Fill the Cracks for orphans of Ebola and
    Moondustwriter's Blog

  4. What I see many folks do, including myself, is do a page break with additional carriage returns added. People don't notice these until they display codes, then it's easy enough to correct.

    Cheers to you, and the Commodore 64/128 you have hidden in your office.

  5. Congrats on joining the A-Z Blog Challenge!
    Beth Lapin
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