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A to Z Blog Challenge & Theme

The A to Z blog challenge is to write 26 blogs during the month of April, one each day Monday through Saturday.
Each blog begins with the letter of the day, going through the whole alphabet.

I am number 891 of just over 1400 blogs taking part in the challenge!

To see my blog posts, click here for an Index of my blogs.

This challenge began in 2010 by Jennifer Daiker and has continued to grow each year.
     More information and back ground is available at What is blogging from A to Z

The blogs can be based on a theme but is optional. I choose a theme which ties all my posts together.

My Theme: No Tears

When I teach quick saving tips in my computer courses I often hear:
    "I needed to know this ...." last week, or last month.
    "This would have saved me hours of work if I had known this sooner."
I have seen smiles of joy and "I wish I had known this sooner" looks.

One lady was in quiet tears. She had spent hours and hours of work over a few years. I taught her to do in seconds what use to take hours. She was stunned. I didn't know if she wanted to hit me or hug me! I did know that I had just saved her hours of work in the future. I love making people's jobs easier and quicker. [I also promise all my students not to tell the boss how much quicker assignments take]

She was glad she now knew how to save time but very sad she hadn't learned this earlier.
This blog is to help prevent Tears. The purpose is to eliminate tears at work.
My hastag is: #NoTears

This is my desk and work area.  
[Yes I have a pink wall - painting the wall light purple this summer. I am so excited]

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