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Sentence Period Space Space

Two spaces at the end of a Sentence

That was Then
If you grew up typing on a typewriter or the early days of personal computers and word processors you were told to hit the space bar twice after each period at the end of a sentence. In those days we used non proportion spacing fonts. That means that each letter took up the same amount of space. The w took up as much room as the i. That meant there was 'white space' around the i. It was hard to see spaces between words.

This is Now
Now we have proportion spacing. Yeah! It is easy for us to see the end of sentences. So we no longer hit the space bar after the period of each sentence. In fact they don't want us to. It is bad form. By eliminating the extra space we take up less room and maybe save a twig or two when printing!

Proportional spacing is nicer for us to read and according to psychologists our mind doesn't wonder because of the 'white spaces' in our sentences.

Breaking the habit
Breaking the habit of not hitting space space at the end of every sentence was hard. It took concentration and a month of typing. That was 12-15 years ago.

Cell phone Problem
Now that I have kicked the habit, cell phone has messed me up.
By now you have figured out why, when you type the space bar twice, your cell phone puts in a period for you. I really like that but I have to make sure I don't fall back into doing two spaces when I am typing in a blog or essay or other work.

Good luck breaking the habit.

Note: "That was Then, This is Now" book by S.E. Hinton

Cell Phones bring new problem

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