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Tab: Word

In the business world the Tab key is like shag carpet. Not the new shag carpet but the orange coloured shag from the 70s or those green and golden rod refrigerators and stoves from the 70s. Basically in the business world the Tab key is out of date.

Look at manuals, documents and letters from the business world. Even blogs!  The first line of paragraphs are no longer tabbed /indented. In letters we use what is called blocked style. Everything is on the left margin.

Another area the Tab key is no longer used is to create a table (columns of information). Instead of creating the table using tabs we now should create tables using the Table function. There are great advantages using the Table function instead of Tabs. The most important is the ease of use and the time to make the table. 

The only place you will see indebted paragraphs is in newspapers and fiction books. 

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