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Outlook: Add an Appointment

We have family dinner on Sunday evenings. I want to add this to my calendar.
I color coordinate all my appointments so that I know what the appointment is in relationship to before I even read the title. Makes it easy to look over and get ready for the next days appointments.
After I add this to my calendar, and color it, I will make this a reoccurring event.

Create the appointment

Open up the calendar to the week that I want to add this event to.

I click in the hour I would like to have family dinner.

I type in the title of the appointment which in this case is Family Dinner.

Hit Enter

When you make a new appointment a new tab appears on the ribbon. It is a contextual tab called the Appointment tab.

Categorize the appointment
Click on the Categorize icon in the Tags section.
A list of colors appear. I have many categories to identify the different board and different people I work with as well as family members.

I select Personal Family by clicking on that color or title.

My appointment now becomes purple as shown in the next picture.

Appointment length
Half an hour is not long enough to have a family dinner. I would like to spend a couple of hours with our kids. So I need to make the appointment longer.

Move your mouse over the white square in the middle of the bottom of the appointment. Your icon is a little double black arrow pointing up and down.
Click and drag your mouse down to the time you want the appointment to change.

Recurring appointments
Now click on the Recurrence icon on the Appointment tab.
The following window appears.

Once you have filled in all the appropriate information, click on OK at the bottom of this window.

Note the circle now in the bottom right corner of the appointment illustrating this is a recurring event.

My children will now come for dinner each week and I will not forget to have dinner ready when they arrive!

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