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Shutting Down or Restarting a computer with the Keyboard & Menu: Windows 8

One item that is hard to find in the new Windows 8 is how to shut down the computer!! It is not on the start button, main menu, desktop - can't be found anywhere.

From the main opening screen press Windows / X  [Hold down the Windows key and press the letter X]. This can be done from anywhere.

The following menu appears in the bottom left corner.

Select  Shut down or sign out  [bottom of the list]

The following menu appears

Select either Shut Off or Restart

Sign out will sign you out and allow someone else to login into the computer

Sleep is what a laptop does when you close the lid.

Shut Down will turn off the computer. It will close any programs that are currently open.

Restart is similar to shutting down the computer but it starts up again right after shutting down.

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