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Fill: Days of the Week

Fill will save you hours of time. 
You will no longer have to type in the days of the week, or copy the days of the week from another spreadsheet. 

Enter Monday in the cell you want it to appear. 
Hit enter.
Click on the cell that has Monday in it as shown below.
In the bottom right corner of the selected cell [Monday above] there is a little box.
The little box is called the Fill Handle
Move your mouse over top of the box. The cursor becomes a big  + [plus sign].
Click on the box and drag the mouse to the right as shown below. 
Each day of the week is placed in a cell.  
Let go of the mouse when you get two and a half weeks.

Note: There is a problem with this list. It includes weekends. We don't want weekends.

Most businesses don't work weekends. We need to get rid of the Saturday and the Sunday. 

Click on the box in the bottom right corner of the Fill list [as shown in illustration above].
The menu below appears

Click on the radio button [circle] beside Fill Weekdays.
The Saturdays and Sundays disappear.
Make sure you do not start with Saturday or Sunday or this will not work.

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