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Start a MakerSpace for very little cost

Where to start to make a Makerspace at no cost. [Some photocopying cost.]
  1. Floor coding instructions. 
    • Click here for the blog post with instructions and examples.

  2. Desktop paper coding instructions. 
    • Click here for the post with instructions and sheets to print.
    • Have the students create other versions for other students.

  3. Color by Pixel paper instructions. 
    • Instruction sheet and worksheets to complete
    • Clue sheets and blank sheets for them to make the code for someone else. 
    • Click here for the post with instruction and sheets. 

  4. Ordering exercises. 
    • Click here for the post with Minecraft exercises.
    • Have them create their own using the snipping tool as they create houses in Minecraft.
    • Have students draw pictures on 3x5 cards for others to put in order. Such as science items that have multiple steps.
      • Water cycle
      • Growth of a tree

  5. Free programming websites.
  6. HTML Coding instructions. Typing skills needed.

  7. Ask parents for donations. This isn’t new but ask now for more electronic items & LEGO.

Note: Add items that you are enthusiastic about.

Click here for the post with a variety of items to put in a Makerspace.

Resource pages
MakerSpace Pinterest Board from Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library

Sewing Machine

Delaware MakerSpaces

STEAM ideas
Another website with information on maker spaces

Perle Beads [Melted Beads]
Patterns here can be used for Color by Pixel

MakerSpace: Arts and Craft ideas

Massachusetts STEAM location

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