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How many times a day do you say the word OK.?
How do you spell it when you text someone?

I say "OK" several times a day as I teach. Many windows have the OK command button at the bottom that is necessary to click on to save and close the open window.

If you have been in my class you will have heard me say "Okey Dokey" sometime in the afternoon because I am tired of saying "Click on OK." I begin to sound like a broken record.

I have found a book I need to buy and read.

OK: The Improbable Story of America's Greatest Word by Allan Metcalf

It gives the history of the word. I love history so I am sure I will enjoy it. He even has a chapter on Okey Dokey! On Amazon, I read the "Look Inside" and learned that this was the first word spoken on the moon!

Here's the link to an article about Allan's book.

Amazon Link

When I have read it, I will add my thoughts here.

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