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Font is the word used to define how a letter looks. There are now hundreds of fonts. Some of the names describe what the text will look like, but most are just names picked by the people who designed the font.

Times New Roman
Times Roman or Times New Roman is the font used by newspapers and paperbacks. It is the classic font. It is like the black dress or the man's suit. It is what typewriters used. [Google if you don't know what a typewriter is] Times Roman can be used anywhere although sometimes it is a little too fancy.

Yahoo ~ More Fonts 
When more fonts became available we were so excited! So we used them... all... in the same document...  It didn't look good. The rule in a document is a maximum of two fonts. You can use just one font if you would like.  If you use two fonts one is used for your headings and the other for all regular text. There maybe a third font found on your company logo.

Ariel and Calibri
Ariel was the next popular font. When MS Office came out in the 90s they choose Ariel as its default font. MS Office 2007 changed the default font to Calibri. Both are streamlined fonts. They don't have a lot of serifs - extra lines on each letter like Times Roman. The business fashion world now likes smooth un-busy lines.

What to use?

Business World
In the business word, use professional fonts such as Ariel, Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana, or Lucinda.

Don't use chiller unless you are making a poster for a company in-house Halloween party. Boardway looks great for advertising a movie or theatre evening but neither are good for a formal letter asking for money.

For schools use Comic Sans. The business word laughs at Comic Sams [pun intended] and Comic Sans should not be used in the business word. It is a very relaxed font, it does not look professional and that is one of the reasons it works so well in schools. Studies have shown that students do better with a test printed in Comic Sans than one done in Times Roman.

The second reason why teachers like Comic Sans is it is a correct a. Schools teach students to write and we write the letter a the way Comic Sans does an a not how most other fonts do an 'a'.

Size of Fonts
Not all font sizes are alike. Ariel 10 is not equal to Calibri 10. It is closer to Calibri 11. When designing fonts the computer world did not hand everyone a standard size. No one said - fit your letters in between these two lines for 10 or 11.

What should you use?
Still not sure what to use for your business? Google. Look at several other documents produced by other companies in the same line of business as yours. What do they use.

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