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Pictures: Vectors

Blog posts, newsletters and most documents need illustrations. They are used :
  • to catch our eye 
  • to keep our interest 
  • to illustrate quickly what we are talking about. 
These graphics need to look good. Clip art was in the past the cheap way but they also looked cheap. They have improved but I tell my students when they need a great picture Google.
In Google type Free Vectors and the subject of the pic you want.

Why Use Vectors
Vectors are high quality graphics that look good when you enlarge the picture.

When downloading pictures from the web there are two main items to remember

Don't steal. 
If there is a watermark in the background of the picture it is copyrighted. You can NOT legally use it. When you have permission or have paid for the picture, then you will receive a version of the picture without the watermark.
It is really bad to see a watermark in someone's newsletter. They are showing the world that they have stolen the picture from someone.

There are lots of pictures out there. If you can't afford to pay for the graphics, find one that won't cost you money.

There are also websites that will give you credits for pictures you upload to their site to be used by others. The credits are then used to purchase someone else's pictures. This doesn't cost you money, just time.

How to Download
If there is not a download button.
Right click over the photo
Select "Save as..."
Identify where on your hard drive you want to save it.
Give it a name.
Click on Save.
Also see: Stock Photos post

How boring would this blog be without the graphic at the top. Use photos/graphics 

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