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Pictures: Stock Photos

Blog posts, newsletters and most documents need illustrations. They are used :
  • to catch our eye 
  • to keep our interest 
  • to illustrate quickly what we are talking about. 
These graphics need to look good. Clip art was in the past the cheap way but they also looked cheap. They have improved but I tell my students when they need a great picture use vectors.

A vector is a high quality picture that keeps its high quality as you make the picture bigger or smaller. One way to find vectors is to use Stock photos.*

I found The Ultimate Guide to FREE Stock Photos. 
Click on the link below for the free guide by
Laura Wallis

Problems with stock photos
The same stock photos are used by many companies. Have you seen the same photo used on multiple websites? These are probably stock photos. Try not to use the same ones.

Not all stock photos are free. Watch for the watermark logo. Many websites advertise on the top or side of these "free" stock photo websites.

*Go to my Google for vectors blog post for more information on vectors.


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