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Coding: Learning code on the Floor

Each class I taught coding I did the code on the floor before going to the computer. 
I made a 5x5 grid on the floor with painter's tape. Sometimes there was a classroom nearby, open area and sometimes it was in the hallway!

I placed Minecraft trees in certain squares. 
The teacher picked 5 students to volunteer. 
The students were:
Steve or Alex,
a sheep
Coding "Move Forward"
Coding "Turn Right"
Coding "Turn Left"
I added "High Five" [not a code] but Steve and Alex gave each other a high-five when they met.

Steve/Alex started in one corner. The sheep stood in the opposite far corner.
The class told the coders what code to put down, one at a time, until Steve/Alex made it to the sheep.
Each coder would then put down their code when instructed by the class in order down the side of the maze.
[Codes shown in the first two pictures below]

Below are links to pdf documents with the coding commands and the blocker blocks for Minecraft and Angry Birds.

Floor Commands
Blocker Blocks

Hallways worked great as well.

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