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Z is for Zoom

When MS Office 2007 came out I was very excited for the change to this item.

Instead of having to go into a menu item and remember if I wanted to Zoom to 200% or 50%, I could now just slide along a bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Called the Zoom Slider.

In the middle of the horizontal line is a small vertical bar.
Click on the bar and drag the bar to the right. The text on the screen gets bigger.
Drag the bar to the left and the text gets smaller.
This does not effect the size of the text when it is printed. The font size does not change.

- + 

Click on the minus sign and the % will decrease by 10%
Click on the + plus size and the % will increase by 10%

Click on another location along the slider and the vertical bar will jump to that percentage.

The zoom can also be changed by holding down the CTRL key and moving the roll bar on the top of the mouse. Rolling the bar one way will increase the zoom while rolling it the other way will decrease the zoom.

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