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V is for View tab

Along the ribbon in MS Office programs is a tab titled View. It has many very important features.

Switch Windows
On the right side of the ribbon in the Windows section is Switch Windows. Click on it, and of the open files of the program you are in will appear in a drop down list. This allows you to switch between the files easily.

1. View | windows section
2. Switch windows.
3. Click on the file you want.

The show section has three options.

In the Show section of the View tab are three check boxes.
To view the Ruler at the top of all documents
1. Click inside the box to the right of Ruler C
    Check mark appears.

Gridlines can help to make sure items on your document are lined up when adding pictures or graphics.

Navigation Pane
Navigation Pane appears on the left hand side.

1. Click inside box beside Navigation Pane.
    The Navigation Pane now appears on the left hand side of the document.

The Navigation Pane has three tabs. 

Because we opened clicked in the box, the pane is opened up with the HEADINGS tab active. This is indicated by the title word [HEADINGS] in blue.

1. CTRL / F will also bring up the Navigation Pane with the Results tab open.
    See below: The word RESULTS is in blue.

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