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Word: Change the default font

Font is the term for how a character looks. There are hundreds of different fonts available.
When computers came out and for many years we were limited to only Times Roman. Then the default font became Ariel. We liked Ariel because it was clean. In 2007, Calibri became the default for all Microsoft documents. Calibri is also very clean.

If you want your Microsoft document to be something other than Calibri for every document or for most of your document, such as Ariel, then you need to change the default font.

1. Select a word formatted in the font you want to define as the default font.

2. Click on the dialogue box launcher, the little arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the Font section of the Home tab.

The following window appears.

3. Read through to make sure the font, select the style [usually regular for default] and the correct font size are selected.

4. Click the command button at the bottom left hand corner of the window Set As Default
The following screen appears

Read through the first line to make sure it is the font you would like to change it to.

5. If only to change the current document you are working in, then leave the radio button in "This document only?"

6. If you want to change the default for all documents created after this point click inside the radio button beside "All documents based on the Normal.dotm template?"

7. Click OK
All documents created after this point will have the selected font as the default.
Note: This has no effect on documents created before these instructions were done.

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