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Visio: Create a Stencil

A stencil is a group of shapes that are related by topic or division.
Visio has a stencil called Basic Flowchart which contains the basic shapes for flowcharting.
A stencil might be for one department with the colors for that department.
In designing a building, one stencil for each of the following rooms: a computer room, bathrooms, reception area, office rooms, board meetings, etc.

      1. Create a new Visio file.
If you know of a file which contains a stencil with similar shapes to the ones you are going to create, then open that file. I have started with a Blank file and no Stencils to make the Stencil menu area cleaner and therefore, easier for you to see each of the steps.

         2. Click on More Shapes >
The following screen appears

3. Click on New Stencil (US Units) if you would like the ruler and other measurements in inches.
    Select New Stencil (Metric) if you would like to measure in centimetres.
    The following screen appears

Save your stencil

 4.   Right Click on the generic name Visio gave your new Stencil.
     The following screen appears

      5. Click on Save As…

      6. In the File name box, type in a name for your Stencil.
    The name should reflect what you will be using these shapes for. For example, the name of the 
    flowchart or the department it will represent.

The new Stencil appears under the Stencils menu with a star. Visio gives you a star for your hard work!

          You are now ready to add shapes to your Stencil. Instructions

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