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Open a Word document

File / Open or CTRL/O

If your file is saved on the computer, click Computer

If you have a file open the top menu on the right at the top lists the Current Directory. 

Under it is a list of directories you have been to recently. These rotate through the list. 

When teaching I have a spreadsheet for their grades. Each time I mark assignments I need to get to that file. I work with lots of other files during the day so when I come in that file maybe way down the list. By pinning this file, it is placed above the list.
A line is placed between the pinned files and the  rest of the list. 

The 2010 version of Office added a wonderful feature called pinning.  
You can also pin subdirectories 

If your file is on SkyDrive (Internet), click on SkyDrive
2013 added the option to save into the SkyDrive (Internet). 

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