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Escape! The Escape Key

The Escape Key will get you out of places you don't want to be in.

Many times during a computer class, a student will say - "I can't do what I am asking."  "The computer won't let me select that item from the ribbon."

My first response is to have them press the ESC [Escape] key which is located in the top left hand corner of the keyboard.  The reason I ask them to hit ESC is because most likely they are in edit mode.

When to Use it
If you have an extra window open that you don't want to save the changes, press ESC to close it. Pressing ESC will close the window but it will not save any changes you have made in that window.

ESC will also get you from the backstage mode of the File menu back to your document "on stage."

Pressing the ESC key does eliminate any changes you were just making in that cell. Pressing ENTER or click OK will keep the changes.

I love this picture.
I always tell people, the Escape key will get you out of places you don't want to be. This picture illustrates that perfectly.


"Escape Key" picture source:
I was not able to find the original source of this picture. The following is a list of other websites which have the picture.

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