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Freeze Panes

Case Studies

You have a long list in a table. As you enter the rows of data the headings at the top disappear. You have to remember which information goes in which column. Maybe not hard but if you could see the column headings it would make your life easier.

You have a wide table with many columns of information. As you enter the columns of data the names/titles/ dates in the first column disappear and you have to remember which row you are working on. Or later you are checking on data and have to remember the row number because you can't see the name any more. Maybe not hard but a hassle. It would make it easier for you could still see the first column or two on the left.

Freeze Panes will fix this for you. I use Freeze Panes in almost every spreadsheet I make.

How to Freeze Your Panes
You do not need to live in Canada to do this! or go outside on a cold day.

Position your cursor in a cell where you want the rows above it to be frozen and where you wawnt every column to the left to be frozen.

Click on the View Tab
Click on Freeze Panes  [just right of the center of the View tab]
Click on Freeze Panes

Now press PGDN. Note the rows at the top remain there for you. The extra rows "slide under" the top rows.

Press CTRL Home. Instead of taking you to A1, you are now in the cell you positioned to turn on Freeze Panes.

Press TAB key several times to show that the columns you froze on the left are still there.

Turn off Freeze Panes
Your English teacher will not like the terminology we are now going to use.
To turn off your Frozen Panes:

Click the View tab
Click on Freeze Panes
Click on Unfreeze Panes

Yes - that is correct. It is not Thaw but Unfreeze!

Note: It does not matter where your cursor is to Unfreeze your panes.

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