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Fill: Numbers

Fill will save you hours of time.

When I taught this one day last Spring, a lady had tears in her eyes.
Tears because she had typed individually over 4000 numbers into over 4000 individual cells. The ladies in her office listened to her speak each of those numbers out loud.

She had tears in her eyes also because she would no longer have to do these individually any more. I have just taught her how to save hours! I believe there were also tears for all the time she had spent typing the long way.

Type in the number 1 in a cell.
Click on the cell which has the number 1 in it.

In the bottom right corner of the cell is a small box.
The box is called the Fill Handle

Move your mouse over it. The mouse indicator becomes a + [plus sign]
  1. Click on the Fill Handle [little box in the right corner]. 
  2. Click and hold the CTRL key
  3. Drag your mouse down
  4. When you reach the last number you need, let go of the mouse, then let go of the CTRL key. If you let go of the CTRL key first you will get a list of 1s.

If you do not hold down the CTRL key you will get a list of cells with 1's in them.

NOTE: You may fill the numbers along the row by dragging your mouse to the right instead of down.

What if you want 2, 4, 6, etc?

Type 2 in one cell
Type 4 in the next cell
Select both cells.

Click on the Fill Handle at the bottom of the cell with the 4 in it. The cell with the 2 in it doesn't have a fill handle.  
Drag the fill handle down several cells. 
By highlighting the 2 & 4 you are training the computer the pattern to follow in the following cells.

You can do 5, 10. Or 3, 6.

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