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CamelCase defined

HaveYouEverSeen words that are put into one word with each word capitalized.
This is called Camel Case. Think of the capitalized letters as the humps.

Why Do We Use CamelCase?
There are times in the computer world when spaces are not allowed but we want more than one word to give a good description. For example, a hashtag ends as soon as it sees a space. So how do you put in more than one word in a hashtag? We put them together. But when we do that it is hard to read, so we capitalize each word.

It is easier to read multiple words when there isn't a space.

Another example
There are many things in the computer word that can't have spaces so we use to use the underline to connect.
I hate using the shift key. It slows down typing. To put an underline between words means using the shift key.

In Macros and /programming it is easier if the FieldName doesn't have spaces.

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