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AutoCorrect Mac Word 2011

Have you ever seen someone type "teh" in Word and as soon as you type the Spacebar it corrects it to "the." That is called AutoCorrect.

Have you ever had problems with AutoCorrect on your phone? Have you ever sworn because of it?
I want to show you how AutoCorrect can be your friend and even spare you hours of time a week.

To start AutoCorrect::
[or CMD + ,  CMD button and a comma]
In the Authorizing section
  click on the AutoCorrect icon

Left column lists what you type.

Right column is what will appear after you type in the replace and hit the space bar.

Click in the box under Replace:
Type in your initials in lower case.
Hit the Tab key or click in the box under With: 
Type in your name as you would want it to appear.
  Lianne Kruger
Click OK. 
Click OK for Settings.

ad experientiam [experience - try it yourself]
On a blank line type in your initials in lower case and then hit the space bar. 
Your name will now appear instead of your initials. 

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